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Date Posted:10/19/2018 9:26 PMCopy HTML

Are you guys understaffed? I get rare inside reports from prison guards in my area and current reports suggest severe staffing shortages. They also suggest gang infiltration of not just prison staff but police forces. A few news reports have mentioned similar infiltrations of military, but I guess that's not part of the question...just a related note. 

What's your experienc and feel for the above?

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Re:Ak, work question?

Date Posted:10/22/2018 8:30 AMCopy HTML

Yes, chronically understaffed.  The state finds it cheaper to order holdovers and pay overtime than to keep facilities fully staffed.  Plus... who the fuck in their right mind wants to become a correctional officer?  We lower the bar and lower the bar and still cannot find enough people.

Gang infiltration of staff?  Non-existant in Alaska.  Gangs in Alaska consist mainly of wannabe's who would be eaten alive down south among the real gangs.

Occasionally, an officer on the lower end of the IQ spectrum will get played/trapped into bringing in contraband or doing something stupid.  Can't really protect people from their own stupidity.

Interestingly, a couple years ago Senate Bill 91 passed which, among other things, banned incarceration for 'minor' crimes.  That was the label and the stated reasoning was even short periods of incarceration are severely disruptive to a persons life so if the crime does not involve violence then why lock people up during the legal process?

The result was, literally, 'catch and release'.  Steal a car?  You get a ticket.

Petty crime skyrocketed.  My own truck was broke into while sitting at the mechanic's parking lot over night.  People wander around in the early hours of the morning, busting into cars, sheds and even homes.

I don't think it is unreasonable to say that others, besides myself, are irritated and that that irritation is edging toward a willingness to administer a thrashing should I happen to catch one of these idiots in the act.  The thing about administering a thrashing is that it very well could go wrong and I'd have to kill them.  So... I suppose the point is that well meaning knuckleheads in politics, interfering in things they don't understand, have real world consequences and those consequences can be severe.

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Re:Ak, work question?

Date Posted:10/23/2018 8:58 PMCopy HTML

It was the same way in Missouri when I retired in 2011. Missouri is the lowest in pay for prison staff/COs in the entire USA.
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Re:Ak, work question?

Date Posted:10/24/2018 9:21 PMCopy HTML

Japan has the best justice system, severe. Equality. First offenders thrown in with hard core. Formal apologies and gifts to victims and families. Long term reconciliation: a taxi driver hit a girl who ran out in front of him had to drive her to school every day. She was in a school zone so he was automatically at fault. There, it’s determined who the last person was that could have avoided an accident and that unfortunate is held responsible. It was a shocking cultural difference when a careless little girl ran into a friend’s bicycle and the friend was held responsible for her injuries, visited her parents with gifts and begged their forgiveness. They were advised to do this to avoid the court which would dole out much more severe punishment.....again, school zone....I avoided them.
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