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Date Posted:10/04/2018 8:23 PMCopy HTML

Starts this week.

It will allow more time for student development in academic, social, and emotional areas.

Research proves that students participating in full-day kindergarten programs have greater achievement gains in math and reading content areas.

I attended first grade and was totally lost.  Other children were already familiar with everything and already knew everything the teacher asked, and so she taught to the majority leaving me inferior, stupid, puzzled, and sleepy from trying to figure stuff out.  So , I paid for kindergarten, shoot I paid for my children to go to nursery school because it gave them an edge I didn’t have.

I suspect full day has much to do with parents saving on childcare.

Other research shows that no institution is as good at raising children as two loving parents.  Obviously the schools keep trying, taking more and more of the children’s day from parents.  Everyone went home for lunch, then school lunches became the norm; some schools added breakfast programs.

At the end of summer, I sent four well behaved children to school, and they sent back four brats at the end of spring.  Seriously, June was a difficult adjustment period for my children.   They laugh about it, now. 

I realized on several flights in September that parents have no idea how undisciplined their children are until they take them somewhere, and it’s too late to teach them.  It was plain that these children didn’t go anywhere with their parents, and maybe their parents thought it was too much trouble to take them, so here they are on a plane full of cringing people with their child yelling No, I don’t want to or I want it and screaming.  Totally humiliating, I’m sure.  What’s with kids on planes in September, anyway ?  Shouldn’t they be in school?  Is that the break month for year round schools?

October has always been a better travel month.  

What goes around, comes around.
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Re:Full Day Kindergartens

Date Posted:10/05/2018 7:19 PMCopy HTML

I didn't go to kindergarten.


In first grade I was bored to tears. My teacher handed out worksheets during class that I suppose she just use as a survey to see where we were bogging down and keeping up. She didn’t grade them or hand them back. After about 2 weeks I quit doing them, instead just cramming them into my desk. Sometime in about April we were told to clean out our desks… I had about 100 or more of those damned handouts stuffed in there. I spent recess all spring doing back work that I had already passed whatever tests were given on them.


I hated school my entire youth. I enjoyed maybe three classes and one of those I started in the middle of the year because I needed to take at least 5 classes out of six for them to allow me back in after dropping out a year earlier. The reason I enjoyed it was because the teacher grade on a curve that gave everyone extra points equal to the difference between the highest and second highest scores. I passed the second semester of Geometry II with a 107, and managed to cause several people to fail the class. Earlier in the year that class had driven a 20-something year teacher into early retirement and a nervous breakdown.


If I had kids I’d be in jail. Not only do I not suffer the little buggers very well, I really loathe most of what I know about current education…which is really damned little. I’ve had a fair amount of experience working with people graduated ten or more years later than I was from only high school and many of them are so far from prepared for receiving OJT it boggles the mind. Many can’t read a ruler, and most can neither work with fractions nor convert them to decimal. All of them seemed capable of reading instructions in the form of procedures but few were functionally literate. Exceptions exist but they’re damned hard to come by.

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