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Date Posted:09/22/2018 4:27 AMCopy HTML

here in MN mild summer so far. got into the 80s. doubt that it got into the 90s much. didn't hear the tornano sirien go off.  lots of rain. should be a good year for the farmers here.

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Re:How is your weather?

Date Posted:10/13/2018 12:18 AMCopy HTML

Just when you think that about farmers, they come up with something to complain about, never a good year...it’s hard work. We had triple digit days all summer. Such high temperatures were rare, but now are more common. I don’t have air conditioning, so I work the windows and drapes in a timely fashion. Our basement is always cool, so I can think of something to do down there to cool off for a while. We have a movie theater setup down there, but the projector bulb needs to be replaced; sons wore it out playing games. I am fine with the flat screen tv son1 bought for us. Actually, it was too big for his room, so he traded it for our smaller one, both purchased around the same time. Leaves are turning, but I have never been a fan of autumn. Spring is my favorite though I like having four seasons especially after the sameness of five years in Hawaii. Nights are cool usually, but fire season made it difficult to keep the windows open. We celebrate Hot August Nights each year but a few events were cancelled because of the poor air quality from area fires. The Hill was on fire for a little over a week, no one bothers to put it out...grassland fires are common as are the electrical storms that set them off. Forest fires are the main concern. Some people make their living off them, and lose their lives fighting them. Plus, with only an average 13 inches of rain the trees in the mountains east of us are critical protection for our watershed.
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Re:How is your weather?

Date Posted:10/13/2018 10:44 AMCopy HTML

It's finally fall in East Tennessee. My favorite time of year. Ours was a fairly average summer. We had "enough" of about everything, but not too much of anything.

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