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Date Posted:09/12/2018 10:03 PMCopy HTML

Every conversation is about Olivia.  Of course Hurricane Lane was just here, so everyone is awakened.

Took  my water coupons to the concierge and stocked enough water to outlast the coming storm.

Purchased enough non perishables.....

The balcony chairs and table are inside, moved by staff, just to be safe.

So, I’m thinking my departed husband’s favorite month to visit has to do with surfing because the storm waves are good and the surfers were plentiful at Waikiki.  I am going back to reserving his birthday in October, days are shorter, perhaps less thrilling in their nature, but I find them pleasant enough.

Another thing, what were all those children doing on the plane?  They should be in school!  Parents don’t know how undisciplined their children are until they travel with them, and then it’s too late to try, on a six hour flight.  Hope it’s a September thing that doesn’t creep into October.

I walked the beach, rested on the sand, watched the waves, the surfers, paused at the spectacular flowers and trees....took it all in yesterday: sunny and warm, knew the storm was coming.  So today, all gray and windy, doesn’t bother me that much.

What goes around, comes around.
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