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Date Posted:06/02/2018 8:09 PMCopy HTML

there should be around 30 such each year. tornados don't start in the central cities. right now i live in a small town on the edge of the metro area/ heard the tornados sirens couple times last year. usually when i hear sirens it was either the police or fire. now it is tornados i got to be concern about.
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Re:It is tornado season

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Everywhere has got it's headline news worries;  Alaska it's earthquakes and tsunamis, China it's pollution and corruption, Australia it's... well, everything wants to kill you in Australia except, perhaps, platypussies.

Thing about headline news is such things are exceedingly rare which is why it's called, 'news'.  You're more likely to fall in the shower or have your hardbound copy of Das Kapital fall off your book shelf and give you a concussion. 
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