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Date Posted:01/27/2019 1:46 AMCopy HTML

Mr. Sunshine on Netflix explains why America won’t help Joseon:  Britain and America forced Japan to war with Russia, and stood to make a profit by not supporting Joseon.


Had thought of the way we forced Japan to attack Pearl Harbor as I was reading.

Still not sure, but it seems they were entitled to hate us for acting all benevolent until it was time to cash in our chips.

I used to support Hawaiian sovereignty back in the 80s, (bought and wore the t-shirt) given how unfairly we acquired the Islands, but if it wasn’t us it would have been some other foreign entity since their  location, location, location is just irresistibly strategic.

I often wonder why Goryeo, Joseon, now Korea could not be left alone, their history is fighting off one invasion after another. 

Why couldn’t England leave Ireland alone?  

Why can’t the Arabs, Turks, and Persians leave the Kurds alone?

Globally, are we always stirring up wars for profit?

The whole history of Europe is one war after another.  The World wars just got others to join in, thinking they could end all wars.  

Familiar with the Aztec Flower Wars which were quite purposefully agreed to by leaders in order to end a famine and improve morale.

No one country seems to have found a better way.

Why hasn’t South America or Africa been able to unify their countries?   

The Waring States period of China’s history .......why was that necessary?  Maybe I don’t understand because I have always lived in a free country, not the oldest, but the longest lasting flawed government.

What goes around, comes around.
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  • Rank:TAE Member
  • Score:1702
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Re:The Russo-Japanese War is important........how America profited and Joseon suffered

Date Posted:01/30/2019 6:04 PMCopy HTML

It’s a pattern. People don’t see it until it’s too late. If they ever see it. Documents aren’t released for so many years after that it’s impossible to do anything about it. We comfort ourselves with it being all in the past, and we fail to learn the lesson, the pattern, or nip anything in the bud. War blooms continuously. As economies stagnate, war is the solution that comes to mind and appears to work. Is it us or are we being played by countries that see how well Japan did after our war with them, the Korean Wave after our war with their north, even Vietnam is prospering enough to be on the route of cruise ships. Are we just a good influence wherever we go.... Eventually. Maybe the Middle East will quit fighting the Crusades and blaming the Jews for their self inflicted misery. They have enough oil money to accomplish whatever they want. Why they choose the current state of affairs is a mystery. Classical vs Romantic view of people. Americans tend toward a Romantic view, but the Classical view has a strong following that messes with us every now and then.
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