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Date Posted:06/27/2018 7:55 PM

True or False: As progressivism collapses as an ideology due to 100 years of clear proof that the end game leads to misery, the left is required to turn their "ideas" into a secular religion like the Jacobins. Without the ability to persuade, they turn to the forces of shame, guilt, and use social proof to nudge behavior. To them, a racist isn't a person that discriminates. It means a heretic. A "racist" no longer has a right to participate in society. They must be stripped of the right to eat at restaurants, own businesses, have a public voice, have the right to join the dating pool, they have no rights, and it is permissible to do anything to them physically or verbally. "Racists" are no longer human beings. 
Come to the Dark Side. We have cookies. The advantage of insinuations over hard arguments is that they bypass critical thought. No one can respond precisely to a charge that is utterly vague or to accusers who will envelope any reply in a poisonous fog of further insinuations. ~ David Warren, The Guardian There was a time when there was enough freedom that it hardly mattered which brand of crooks ran government. That has not been true for a long time and that captures an important point. The more powerful the government becomes, the more people are willing to do in order to seize the prize, and the more afraid they become when someone else has control. ~ Glenn Harlan Reynolds “The urge to save humanity is almost always only a false-face for the urge to rule it. Power is what all messiahs really seek: not the chance to serve.” ― H.L. Mencken
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Re:True or false?

Date Posted:07/04/2018 12:28 AM

 CA is on the left. it also has one of the richest economies in the world. ranks around five.
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